Privacy Policy

1. Our commitment to Customer Privacy

In XFeat® we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. In this document we explain why we gather data from our clients and how we handle it. Please, read it carefully in order to know where we stand, how we operate and how we deal with these data. Any information you provide is considered confidential, and it will only be disclosed in the cases referred to in this document.

By visiting our website «» (hereinafter the «Web Site»), using its services and/or purchasing the products offered there from any electronic device (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc.) you are authorizing us to use this personal data.

2. Who is responsible for processing your data?

For the purposes of privacy laws, THE XFEAT CREW S.L. (hereinafter «XFeat®») is the party responsible for compiling this information. If you have any doubts in relation to this policy or to the privacy of your data you may contact XFeat® through our Customer Service at the «Contact Us» section of the Web Site.

In XFeat® we handle your data in accordance with legal dispositions and applicable regulations. We ensure that this information is gathered within legal boundaries and that it is safely stored.

3. Ways to log in to XFeat®

You must be 18 or older in order to log in to the Web Site.

In order to acquire any of the products offered at the Web Site you need to create an account with your data through the purchase form available at the moment of payment or through the «My Account» section of the Web Site. We will also require your data if you decide: that you want us to inform you about availability on any of our products that are currently out of stock, to subscribe to our «Newsletter», to join our XFeaters Community or to contact us through our Customer Service in the «Contact Us» section of the Web Site.

By logging into the Web Site you authorize us to use the personal information that you decide to share with us in accordance with the purposes indicated below. Therefore, this Privacy Policy is applicable to registration in XFeat®. If your account remains inactive for a period of 2 years we reserve the right to deactivate it.

3.1 Creating an account through the purchase process

In order to purchase a product on the Web Site, apart from being older than 18 and providing the personal data needed to process your order, such as your name and surnames, your e-mail address, a phone number, a shipping address and your payment data, when filling out the purchase form you must create an account with user id (your e-mail) and password.

This account will allow you to check the status of your orders in real time: once your purchase has been completed and after allowing a reasonable time of up to 24 hours to process it you can log into «My Account», click on the «Orders» tab and check your order status in the «Tracking» column.

3.2 Creating an account through the «My Account» section

You may also register at XFeat® by creating an account with your name and surnames, an address, a user id (your e-mail) and a password in the «My Account» section of the Web Site.

By logging in this way you can:

  • Set several addresses for shipping and billing in order to later acquire our products in a faster, more convenient and simple manner at the payout stage.

  • Check your order status at all times through the «Tracking» column located under the «Orders» tab.

  • Share with us any information related to you or your interest in sports; this information will allow us to give you a more personal treatment in the future in accordance with your interests.

  • Be part of the XFeaters Community and enjoy our offers and promotions for members only, if you decide to accurately fill in 100% of your profile information and to accept the delivery of commercial communications from XFeat®.

3.3 Being part of the XFeaters Community

XFeaters is our Community with offers and promotions for members only, open to anyone above 18 years old. In order to be a part of it you need to:

  • «Accurately fill in 100% of your profile information» in the «My Account» section of the Web Site, and

  • «Accept» the delivery of commercial communications from XFeat®.

You can join our XFeaters Community by filling in your profile «Here».

3.4 Registering to stay informed about product availability

All products on the Web Site are subject to limited production, so it is possible that we run out of stock for some sizes or colors. For this reason we created the service «Let Me Know When it’s Available» that may be found in a button in the product page for products whose size or color is out of stock. You have to click on it and register your name and email if you want us to inform you when the product is back in stock.

If the product is already available for the selected size and color we will show you a «Buy» button through which you may add the item to your basket and proceed to formalize the purchase.

3.5 Registering to subscribe to our «Newsletter»

If you want us to keep you updated on our new collections, products and services you can subscribe to our Newsletter by registering with your name and email in the «Newsletter» section of the Web Site.

3.6 Registering for any request, doubt or concern at the «Contact Us» section

You may contact us at all times in order to present a request, doubt or concern related to XFeat® or with our products and services through the form available at the «Contact Us» section of the Web Site. For such purpose you have to register stating your name and surnames, your e-mail, the reason for your request, doubt or concern and any other information that you deem necessary to warrant a proper handling and processing.

4. Your personal data

4.1. What personal data do we collect?

The personal data you will be providing us is:

  • Your name and surnames.

  • Your billing address and your shipping address.

  • Your phone number and e-mail address.

  • Your information related to payments and refunds. However, in the case that you make a payment through the Web Site we will not withhold that information in accordance with the current regulations, so your data will be sent directly through the payment gateway to the payment service provider.

  • Your IP address, which we pick up for fraud prevention purposes when you make an online purchase.

  • Your session data, online activity and purchase history on the Web Site.

  • Information on your geolocation, browser or device.

  • Your interactions with the brand, such as attendance to an XFeat® event or your response to communications from XFeat®.

  • Your identity document or any document certifying your residence in order to manage prize draws, contests and surveys, or for you to exercise your rights on your data.

  • Any other information that you decide to share with us.

Remember that the data you provide us must be appropriate and relevant. In the case the data you provide us is false, incomplete, inaccurate or outdated, XFeat® reserves the right to end hired services or any other signed agreement.

Apart from this personal data you may share with us additional information, especially if you decide to fill in your profile in the «My Account» section of the Web Site, which will be linked to you, such as:

  • Your date of birth.

  • Your nationality and sex.

  • Your civil status.

  • Your academic background and profession.

  • Your favorite sports and sport activities.

  • Reasons why you exercise or practice sports.

  • Frequency with which you exercise or practice your favorite sports.

  • Places where you usually exercise or practice your favorite sports.

  • Your competitive level when practicing your favorite sports.

  • Your stance regarding sports trends.

  • Your priorities when choosing sports clothing.

  • Sports equipment present at your home.

  • Social network that you use the most and address or user name of your personal profile (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, etc.).

  • Any other information that you decide to share with us, such us if you have children, pets, etc.

Based on the use of new technologies for other endeavors we may gather different data in the future, duly informing you in each case.

4.2 When are you giving us your personal data?

You are giving us your personal data when you:

  • Make a purchase on the Web Site.

  • Create an account or update your profile in the «My Account» section on the Web Site.

  • Request that we inform you on future availability of products that are out of stock on the Web Site.

  • Subscribe to our «Newsletter».

  • Contact our Customer Service through the «Contact Us» section on the Web Site for any request, question or concern.

  • Return a product or present a claim.

  • Take part in a contest, prize draw or any other promotional activity organized by XFeat®.

  • Sign up to take part in an activity that is exclusive for XFeaters (such as workshops, seminars and sports events).

  • Participate in a survey, discussion forum or research study organized by XFeat® or leave your opinion on products and services offered on the Web Site.

  • Contact us to apply as a candidate to be an XFeat® ambassador.

5. What do we do with the personal data that you provide us?

As you can see below, we may process your data for different purposes. You may choose what we can use your data for. However, we inform you that some purposes are necessary in order to be able to provide a requested service or to complete your purchase, as well as to identify you:

5.1 Hiring-related purposes
  • To process your orders on the Web Site with the certainty that the personal and financial information that you provided is true. All data provided for this purpose is encrypted to ensure maximum security and stored on a certified secure server in accordance with SSL protocol. We use third party payment systems that warrant that the transaction is safe and that your data is not being used on a fraudulent manner.

  • To ensure that the products you acquire are delivered at the right address. This implies working with entities outside the XFeat® Group and sharing with them the personal information provided by you, such as your name, shipping address or other given data, as well as your phone number in order to contact you for delivery.

  • To manage the return of purchased products or possible claims for defective products, as well as to prevent fraud in claims and return procedures.

  • To inform you about future availability of those products of your interest that are currently out of stock on the Web Site.

  • To manage the proper operation of your XFeat® profile and account.

  • To manage any request, question or concern that you may want to carry on through the «Contact Us» section of the Web Site.

  • To ensure security of the Web Site and to prevent fraud. We are committed to ensuring that our clients are protected against fraud and other illegal activities. It is for this reason that we send your personal information to companies, distributors, financial entities and other agencies specialized in fraud and crime prevention.

  • To improve your user experience on the Web Site through the optimization of its elements and contents in different electronic devices, allowing you to interact in the fastest, simplest and more convenient way possible.

  • To be able to respond to any negative experience that you may have with us.

  • To inform you about XFeat® related news, offers and promotions for the XFeaters Community, as well as to recommend you products and/or services that are similar to others you purchased in the past.

  • To know your opinion and to conduct quality surveys about products and services on the Web Site and your relationship with the XFeaters Community, in order to know what we are doing right and what we need to improve.

  • To check that your data is right, to correct typos that you may make when filling in the forms and to prevent fraud during registration on the Web Site as well as in your XFeaters Community membership.

  • To pass on your data to companies within the XFeat® Group for purposes of internal administration and billing for the proper management of our databases, as well as for them to provide different services that allow us to operate in the day by day and to offer our products and services.

5.2 Purposes related to the legitimate interest of XFeat®
  • If you give us your consent, to send you commercial communications about XFeat® and the XFeaters Community, which may be done via phone, text message, e-mail or equivalent electronic systems or mail delivery.

  • If you give us your consent, to develop commercial activities and create a commercial profile that may even be automated from the analysis of your shopping habits and shopping history on the Web Site. This allows us to offer you XFeat® products and/or services, products and/or services from the XFeat® Group and/or products and/or services from a third party with which XFeat® may have reach a collaboration agreement that best suit your needs and preferences.

  • To make and/or broaden your profile with the purpose of getting to know you better through statistical and mathematical procedures, even obtaining information related to you from public sources, such as the promotional census, telephone directory, lists of people belonging to professional associations that only contain data such as name, degree, profession, activity, academic level, address and group membership, official gazettes and bulletins and communication media.

  • If you give us your consent, to disseminate images or videos where you appear resulting from an activity organized by XFeat® and attended by you.

  • In the case that you decide to apply as a candidate to be an XFeat® ambassador, to contact you through the means provided, to assess your application or to offer you information on promotions or activities organized by XFeat® in which you may be interested.

5.3 Purposes related to the fulfillment of legal obligations

In order to fulfill all of the legal obligations corresponding to XFeat® we need to handle personal data from bills, contracts and related documents, as well as to be able to respond to claims from clients and from Public Administrations. In some cases it is necessary to provide information to Authorities or to a third party for auditing reasons.

6. What allows us to process your data?

We process your data based on your contractual relationship with XFeat®, legitimate interest and, when appropriate, your explicit consent to send you customized commercial communications that are adjusted to your preferences and shopping history in all XFeat® channels.

7. Who are the recipients of your data?

Personal data provided by you may be communicated by XFeat®, for the indicated purposes, to:

  • Companies from the XFeat® Group, to our employees and to companies that collaborate with us, who will use it exclusively for the indicated purposes. Your privacy is important for us, so we will never sell or reveal your personal information to third parties that may use it for purposes other than those stated in this document.

  • Other companies with which XFeat® may have hired a service.

  • On those occasions in which XFeat® tasks data processing to service providers, the corresponding data processing contracts or clauses will be signed, applying the same or similar security measures as those applied by XFeat®.

  • Sometimes we are forced to reveal our clients’ personal data to security forces, public agencies and competent authorities when claims of possible criminal activity are presented.

  • On other occasions XFeat® transmit these data for purposes of contract execution, compliance with legal obligations as the responsible party for processing or because it is necessary to protect its interests when facing claims from a third party.

8. How long do we keep your data for?

XFeat® will keep your data for as long as it is necessary in order to fulfill the purpose for which it is collected (for example to provide a service or to attend a request from you), as well as to comply with any legal obligation derived from data processing in accordance with the policies of data storage at XFeat®. Once the data is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was collected it will be eliminated as soon as possible, and as long as it’s not possible it will be blocked, remaining available for Judges and Courts or for competent Public Administration, especially for data protection authorities in order to check possible responsibilities derived from data processing.

9. Where is your data stored?

XFeat® will keep your data absolutely confidential at all times and will fulfill the preceptive duty of secrecy, in accordance with the necessary technical and organizational measures that guarantee your data security and avoid access, disclosure, use, modification or destruction by unauthorized agencies or individuals, taking into account the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risks to which it is exposed.

When the data is sent outside of the European Economic Area, XFeat® warrants that it is subject to the same controls. However, some countries have laws and policies that don’t warrant the same protection as the European Economic Area does. When we send data outside of the European Economic Area we adopt all necessary and reasonable measures to warrant the privacy and security anticipated in this document.

10. Data update

You can make any changes to your personal data directly at your profile page through the «My Account» section of the Web Site, or you can send a request regarding your data as well as any issue related to your user id and password by writing to us through the «Contact Us» section of the Web Site.

11. What are your rights regarding your data?

We inform you that you have the right to access, correct or remove your data to oppose to or to limit processing, as well as to request data portability and to present a claim before the Data Protection Agency.

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, or if you’d like to exercise your data protection rights, you must: know what data we have of yours, modify it, erase it of ask us not to use it for any of the intended purposes; or even request that we limit the processing of your personal data, in which case we will only keep it in order to present or to defend claims; or if you are interested in data portability, you may contact XFeat® by sending a written statement and including a picture of your identity document or any document certifying your residence through the «Contact Us» section of the Web Site.

12. Do you need to contact XFeat®?

You may contact XFeat® at all times for any request, question or concern regarding XFeat® or our products and services through the following «Form».

13. Security and confidentiality of your data

At XFeat® we try to ensure the security of your personal data when it is sent outside of the XFeat® Group, and we make sure that those companies respect confidentiality and have the appropriate mechanisms to protect it. All of those companies have the obligation to warrant that this information is processed in accordance with data privacy laws and regulations.

14. Can this Privacy Policy be modified?

Yes, this Privacy Policy may be updated. This Privacy Policy was last updated on 11.01.2018. We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. In the case that major changes are made we will notify you separately.